About Us

The Top Talent Promotions Music Family

Why You Should ‘Join Our Amazing Music Family‘.
Get A Unique And Wide Array Of Wonderful Promotions For Your Music.
Get Aquianted With Our Willing Ambassadors And Partners Worldwide.
Myself ‘Sparky‘ And Partner Kirsty Leslie-Jones (KLJ) Live And Breath Promoting Music For Our Top Talent Promotions Music Family.

Spending 16 hours A Day Each And Everyday Promoting And Bonding Musicians And Artists All Over The World.

We Are New To The Music Scene So Please Feel Us And Go With It As We Have No Manuel! 
Together We Are Strong
We Will Never Stop! 
Some Of What We Do For You
Some of our Promotion Platforms
  • World Class Radio Contacts For Radio Play. 
  • We Have Our Own Family Gigs Every Sunday – Top Talent Live.
  • Supportive Community Waits For You. (The Dream Team)
  • Connected To North American World Class Agency.
  • 127 Global Partnerships To Date.
  • We Have Our Own Active Radio Show On Our Own Radio Station Playing All Our Families Music Thanks To Our Amazing Friend.
  • We Record Musicians Live.
  • We Manage Social Media Accounts.
  • We Are On Dozens Of Platforms.
  • No One Does What We Do! And We Love It. 
  • We Plan To Change The Whole Music Industry So Help Us.
  • Under Appreciation Of Talented Artists Breaks Our Hearts.
  • Join Us We Will Make You Proud And Happy You Did.
  • We Reach Out And Try To Be True Friends With All Members Of Our Family.
  • We Bring You Into Our Dream Team FB Messenger Group.
  • 4 Figure Paid Virtual Gigs Every Friday Starting November. 
  • Sparky And KLJ  – We Will Never Stop As Together We Are Strong.
  • Here Is A List Of Some Of Our Other Promotional Pages on IG and FB…
  • Here Are 8 Of Our Many Facebook Groups We Share You In Daily…