Dark Night Of The Soul by Accasia Hanson


 JAN 6, 2022

Accasia Hanson

In Her Own Words

Bit about me and currently doing Was raised in Reading (greater London) Uk but currently reside in melbourne Australia  I’ve been singing my whole life and from as young as I can remember I would sing  along to the radio . By primary school was in a choir n doing musicals l and all the way through my schooling.During that time I also I did a lot of back up singing for other artists religiously. Until i decided to become an independent artist in 2010.Which lead me through a lot of trial and tribulations but ultimately added up to me firstly releasing an independent album that’s been backed with a label based in the united states.I released this album 11 years later on 11/11/21 at 11:11am …which went better than expected.However I did not release all the songs i’ve recorded for album as I went beyond limit so I broke it down to 11 tracks as part of an album series I plan to release throughout 2022 while i continue to regularly record new music.My albums are a mix of  both new and old me.I look forward to sharing the journey so far and where it’s going.


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