14 Year Old Adnana From Romania With Awesome Original ‘Andale’ – Official Video


 JAN 5, 2022


Adnana is almost 15 years old.

Her list of passions and hobbies is long, counting the following

Studying – she is a straight A student.

Dancing – dancing is her biggest love.

She started out with modern dance at 8 years old (she won national and international prizes with her crew), she continued with breakdance, and in the present she learns kpop dances for fun.

Painting – painting is another skill of Adnana’s.

She has her own business, personalizing textiles such as: t-shirts, hoodies, caps, beanies etc.

Everything she personalizes is unique.

Modeling – she is a model and a photo model, she has won prizes at both national and international beauty pageants.

She is proud of representing Romania at a pageant in Turkey where she was named the representant of the United Nations by the organizers for children’s day in Antalya.

She is also the image of a workshop that creates unique flower dress designs.

Language – she has a gift for foreign languages.

She speaks fluent English, she has a B1 certificate for Spanish, she started studying French and has recently began learning Korean by herself.

Writing – she has made her writing debut.

She has 3 stories published in the book “Despre copilarie – culegere de texte ale elevilor bucuresteni” , published by the Museum of Romanian Literature.

Actress – she’s been acting in commercials for many years, her most recent being filmed about 3 months ago.

Singing – her first single was launched in China.

Its title is “Grace”; the lyrics talk about how precious our planet is and how we should protect it.

Adnana’s dream is to travel all over the world.

She took piano lessons when she was small, those skills helped her with practicing enormously.

She also taught herself how to play the ukulele.

So much in store for Adnana so stay tuned for more.

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