Amir Ali Siassi

AmiRimA is a Bilingual (English & Farsi) Hip-Hop artist & author whose main themes are Love, Joy & Unity.

He just released his 8 Tracks & LArimar albums (in English.)

He has also written & recorded 6 volumes of an English Hip-Hop album Serving A Greater Earth (available in digital stores), as well as 2 volumes of his Farsi album MehRaj (available in digital stores.)

He is currently working on his Qabileh feature triple album.

Khaasteha (12 track Farsi rendition album) & Etudes (21 track English rendition album) will be available exclusively on his website.

His last Farsi release was Aftab Parast.

He is mainly influenced by Drake (English Rapper / Singer), Arash (Persian Singer) Erfan & Yas (Persian Rappers) to make more rhythmically, melodically versatile songs applicable to most moods.

For all things Amir follow him on YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram on the social media icon links below…YoutubeSoundcloudFacebookLinkedinInstagram



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