Faded By Andreea Bejan


 JAN 12, 2022

Andreea Bejan

In Her Own Words

My name is Andreea. 

I am 10 years old and I live in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

 I just adore singing.

I first started to sing, then to speak.

I also play piano, dance, do vlogs and tik-toks (which I post on my youtube channel)

I started singing for other people at the age of 3.

Feature Video –

Andreea Bejan (TiGi Academy) Faded

 I participated in several local and international vocal contests, such as:

·         “Arts combat” , Iași (Romania) 2018, Ist  place.

·         “Supervedete…de Dragobete”, Iași (România) 2020, Golden Trophee

·         “Muzica ne poate uni” – Online contest 2020, GoldenTrophee

·         Sonus, Chisinau 2021 – Ist Place

·         Constelatia Talentelor International Festival, Chisinau 2021 – Ist Place


Some of my other viral videos so far:

Andreea Bejan (TiGi Academy) – Shake it off
Andreea Bejan (TiGi Academy) – Cups song
Andreea Bejan (TiGi Academy) – Call me maybe

Andreea Bejan (TiGi Academy) – Dumb (Olivia Addams)
Andreea Bejan (TiGi Academy) – Ne vedem în Septembrie
Andreea Bejan (TiGi Academy) – Familia mea

I also have my own Youtube Channel, in which I upload my Live Performances, vlogs (in Romanian language), tik-toks and other activities:

Ravel Bolero – piano solo // Andreea Bejan
A million stars (Luminița Anghel) /Live Andreea Bejan // Constelația Talentelor 2021

Cup Song (When I’m gone) Anna Kendrick – Cover by Andreea Bejan
Chameleon (Olivia Addams) -Live Voice Andreea Bejan
Faded (Alan Walker) – Cover by Andreea Bejan LIVE VOICE (live piano)