So who are the Anonymous Iconclasts and what kind of music do they play?

Songs that tell stories, told by ace storytellers.
A combo of some of Cardiff’s more established and well-known musicians.
A band that loves to play live and is always on the hunt for gigs.
Currently working on their third album, they will play covers (Bowie, Petty, Drake, Talking Heads etc) but prefer to play their own stuff…

‘The sound of 1970’s New York’ – David Owens
‘A palette of blue and grey, mortality, love and lust’ – Louder than War
‘A fine Cardiff outfit with great material on offer’ – Keep Cardiff Live

Four People – A song from Anonymous Iconoclasts

Now why not check out 2 more songs by the Anonymous Iconclasts?

California – Anonymous Iconclasts

TOMATOES – Anonymous Iconoclasts

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By Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews is an author, singer-songwriter, poet, naturalist and activist. He is originally from Cardiff, where he was given the title Bard of Ely by Big Issue magazine in which he had a column. He now lives in Portugal. He is a a "Famous Cardiffian" and famous for his green beard.

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