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Little Description of What He Will Do For You

  • As of 25th of Septempber 2022 Sparky Is Now An Artist Manager
  • He Is Aiming To Become The Best In The Business!
  • Most Active Manager That Deeply Care’s About His Clients.
  • All Connections Will Be Utilized From Said Artists.
  • List Of Services Provided tbc…

Sparky’s Free Clients

Joey Stuckey

Joey ‘The Music Mentor’ Stuckey – Georgia – USA – Click For Best Of Article


Rich Chambers

DroCole – Zimbabwe – AFRICA – Click For Bio

Rich Chambers – Vancouver – Canada – Click For Bio


Tommy Kruger

Crash World – Vancouver – Canada – Click For Bio

Tommy Kruger – Texas – USA – Click For Bio

Brad James Swallow

Mark Storey

Brad James Swallow – Louisiana – USA – Click For Bio

Mark Storey – London – UK – Click For Bio

Marianne Vedder

Terry Finch

Marianne Vedder – Netherlands – Click For Bio

Terry Finch – London UK – Click For Bio

The Bard Of Ely

Fourth Son South

Steve ‘Bard Of Ely’ Andrews – Portugal – Click For Bio

Fourth Son South – South Africa – Click For Bio

Chrystyna Marie

Liberty Silver

Chrystyna Marie – Pennsylvania – Click For Bio

Liberty Silver – Canada – Click For Bio


Toxic Nobility

Fiuran Rock – Canada – Click For Bio

Toxic Nobility – Ohio – Click For Bio

Jacob George

Craig Darroch Art

Jacob George – Florida – Click For Bio

Craig Darroch – Scotland – Click For Bio

Mickey Gerry

Big Popa

Mickey Gerry – Scotland – Click For Bio


Tuesday Atlas

Anubis Morrison

Heraldo Nunes


May Rei



Macy O

Sofia Gillani

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