The Story EP From BIG POPA


 FEB 2, 2022

Robert Howard AKA Big Popa


BIG POPA is the Rapper who just wanted the world to Listen to his music?

In the music business perhaps the two most important factors that will dictate an artist’s success and longevity outside of their talent is their performance name and title of their album or mix tape.

Take for example, a rapper with the stage moniker of BIG POPA and a album self entitled BIG POPA, one need only research the definitions of a “BOSS” to fully understand whom the artist i’m talking to you about and what they stand for.

Well, meet Robert Howard a/k/a BIG POPA, the new voice of hip-hop and the South’s hardest grinding MC to emerge in years.

BIG POPA along with his brother/manager Mr.Baggs both work ethics combine are a.k.a The Dynamic Duo.

Together they have founded the label “Powered By Florida Empire”.

Together they own and operate multiple successful business in the City of Orlando Florida.


Their work ethics and loyalty reminds you of P.Diddy and Biggie “They Have that BAD BOY energy “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” PBFE  (Loyalty over Everything).

As civic minded as he is talented, there is a fee to book him however, BIG POPA regularly performs free of charge for numerous charitable causes.

BIG POPA has travelled around the country selling thousands upon thousands of his many mixtapes CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, baseball caps, posters and PBFE merchandise to help fund his career, all at his own expense.

Auto playing for you now is the 1st track from the EP – I Got Diamonds

Check out some of Big Popa’s Live Shows in the 3 video boxes below…

“BIG POPA” Live in Concert (Florida Classic Weekend 2021)
JT Money brings out “BIG POPA” to perform his song still making money
“BIG POPA” Live in Concert (Getting to the money / Still making money)

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