Some of Newquays most respected and loved musicians – ‘Blue Eyed Candy

The awesome band consists of Neil Allen on harmonica, guitar and vocals, Andy Keightley on lead guitar and vocals, Sara Phillips as lead singer and guitar and Ed Stix Phillips as drummer

Dr Funk used to play bass for BEC around 6yrs ago – they were already established when Jess was in the band she left to go travelling back in 2015 when Sara stepped in until present date

Jonny left to concentrate on ‘The Big Sets‘ so we got Finn Jensen in – young lad very talented bass player He stay until end of 2019 when he decided to leave to pursue his career so in came Mark Godfrey their current bass player who is Ace

 They are currently practising and did have a gig booked for 2nd July at Tricky’s Bar near Redruth but it had to be cancelled – they have a few more gigs lined up but uncertain if they will go ahead particularly the end of July one at the RAOB in Penzance

Blue Eyed Candy supported Toploader in sept 2017 and was playing about 30 plus gigs a year until pandemic struck

The guys have a cracking studio in Newquay that you can rent for as little as £20 for 3 hours

Rehearsal /Recording Space Available Now Basic Fee of £30 gets you 3 hrs of rehearsal time with PA mixing desk mics, Bass and guitar amps. There is a surcharge if you need to borrow more equipment. **NEW** Week Days, Daytime Rate £20 for 3 hrs

Its called ‘Candyland Studios

Also check out their website and follow them on Facebook!