Celtic Rock Band ‘Fiuran’ with ‘All Over Again’>

Fiùran – A Celtic Rock Band From Ottawa, Canada.


Fiùran is a Celtic rock band from Ottawa, Canada.

Led by a Celtic goddess and backed by three men of mettle who play rock that’s harder than Scottish granite.

Fiùran blends haunting and ethereal traditional melodies with hard-hitting original songs in both Scots Gaelic and English. 

Their songs offer foot-stomping singalongs and meaningful lyrics about real everyday struggles.

 From bagpipes to bass guitar, and fiddle to full-on drum kit, they’re a unique spectacle and experience.

The show is exciting and dynamic, with witty banter, stories of lore, and spontaneous moments.

Older than the best oak barrel-aged whisky, but with a harder kick, Fiùran excites audiences to play air-guitar and air-bagpipes in equal measure. 

Fiùran means sapling. New Growth. New Sound. It’s Scots Gaelic.

The language of early Canadians.

The language of the ancient Celts. The voice of earth Herself.

Fiùran translate their Gaelic songs and stories, and bring the audience along — but it’s a language that’s already familiar.

A sound from within. It’s primal. It’s the wind beneath your kilt.

It’ll shake your soul and put your lighter in the air. Fiùran rocks! 

Fiùran won an Independent Music Award in 2020, and continues to be a radio favourite in Scotland and the UK Called “outstanding” by RnR Magazine, and “clever integration of rock and traditional sounds” by Top40 Charts, Fiùran is expanding its global reach, including a growing loyal fanbase in South America.

Fiùran’s fourth album was released in December 2021. 

Suas E! (Rock on!)

All Over Again – Official Video

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