– Coastal Tang’s Brilliant New Release ‘Out To Sea’ Is Out Now! –

Coastal Tang is a 5 piece psychedelic reggae rock band from Perth, WA. Coastal Tang formed in 2018 with 4 mates Corey, Liam, Kyle and Scott getting together to play garage and backyard shows.

2019 brought around our first single ‘The Drift’ as well as our debut on the WA live music scene and since then the band has played shows around the state and released several more singles with plenty more on the way.

Things are definitely on the up for Coastal Tang with ‘Sunset City’ gaining more exposure for the band leading into their debut EP to be released during the back end of 2021. With two new faces Taj and Connor joining the band in more 2021, Coastal Tang continues to grow into a tight music outfit heading towards the future release of their debut EP, which is headed by the first single ‘Out To Sea’ on July 9th.

The debut EP will capture the growth of the band as musicians and touches on moments close to the heart. Hope you can join us for the ride. The Tangs

Here is Coastal Tangs brilliant new release song ‘Out To Sea’ complete with a song Bio

Out To Sea breaks apart the dating scene at a young age with all the games and downfalls it has to offer. Putting yourself out there is one of the harder things to do and when it is not reciprocated it definitely sucks, which is where you find yourself through the chorus’ of the song. Taking time to finally push from the coastline only to be left stranded at sea by yourself is the somber side of the dating scene but there is always another wave that will eventually push you back in

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