Cordless Bungee is the current musical project of Simon Anthony Higgs.

He started writing songs in 2008 and joined a band in Worcester, England called Blue Radio. After this Si formed a band called Ancient Addicts and gigged in pubs, venues, universities and some festivals in 2010. Around the same time he helped form the band This Wicked Tongue. 

Eventually going onto re-form Ancient Addicts, the album ‘To A Dark Goddess’ was released in 2015, with all physical copies being sold and it was received well locally. 

In 2017 he released a solo album as Si Anthony called ‘Love’s Empty Handed Glove’.

In 2019 Cordless Bungee released it’s self-titled debut album.

Check out this brilliant track of his ‘Promises and Ties’ its totally amazing and follow him on FacebookYoutube and Spotify on the Icon Links supplied below…

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