Crash World with A Good Life

Crash World


After Warjunk’s demise Glen took 3 years to study Jazz theory and styles and began to focus on acoustic music with an eye towards a primarily “live” musical endeavor aimed at connecting with an audience in intimate settings and through a wide variety of genres performed acoustically. When Glen ran into Graham at a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds show in 2014 he proposed the idea of an acoustic duo. Well a year of rehearsals later, CRASH WORLD made their “live” debut on September 5, 2015. Many performances later at such venues as Guilt & Co., Ouisi Bistro, El Camino’s, Cottage Bistro, Slickity Jim’s, The Main, The Cascade, as well as a Jazz Fest 2019 appearance, CRASH WORLD have established themselves as a unique night out. History meets music, with a live radio show vibe and CRASH WORLD’s growing audience have shown a hunger for more of what they’re offering up. CRASH WORLD has a presentation and style that appeals to a incredibly wide age demographic. All ages indeed!

On June 3, 2022, Crash World released, “So The Story Goes” an immersive full-length album which showcases their multifaceted talent. Their work is wildly sincere, endlessly captivating and refreshingly accessible to all.  
A stunningly beautiful music video for the 4th single “Lucky One” continues to receive acclaim. Deluxe Lyric Videos for singles and album tracks continue to be released. Crash World returned to the stage in 2022 to support the album and will be performing regularly throughout 2023 where they’ll be sharing “So The Story Goes” and more!  

And as 2023 begins Crash World are preparing to release a brand new stand-alone single. Stay tuned!