DANGEROUS By Tom Francis

Tom Francis

​From releasing his first song in 2016, Tom Francis has catapulted into the upper echelon of the international rap scene.

Tom’s debut Album Underestimated immediately made waves, resulting in the album knocking Drake off of the number one spot on the NZ ITunes charts.

“Underestimated” featured a number of prolific NZ and international Artists. Including names such as Dizzy Wright, Joyner Lucas, Sid Diamond, On Cue and the Grammy Nominated Twista.

The album has garnered millions of worldwide streams.

The success of the album saw Tom booked for the majority of major summer music festivals within only 1 year of its release including Northern Bass, and Bay Dreams. Tom did not stop there, soon after the summer touring season ended Tom booked a ticket to Los Angeles, California. Tom has spent time at Paramount Studios, the premier recording studio for major Hip Hop Artists and musicians.

There he gained traction and influence with some of the biggest names in the business.

He joined the recording sessions of major US artist’s. This culminated in features on his newest singles from Tyler Thomas, J.Tek and Hip Hop legend Royce Da 5’9.

The trip ended in the most viral rap moment in the southern hemisphere for 2017.

Tom was invited to the private home of Hip Hop Royalty Snoop Dogg.

He shared the studio with Snoop, exchanging lessons, rhymes, beats and ideas.

He even had Snoop C walking to his new tunes.

Tom Francis brings a brand new sound to Hip-Hop music.

He has blended together classical Hip-Hop sounds with hard-hitting dubstep and drum and bass.

His music is filled with hard-hitting beats, heavy basslines, and quick-fire technical raps.

Tom would be the most versatile artist to date, with chill vibe to the heaviest drops, there is nothing he doesn’t sound amazing on!

Tom’s live shows are packed with excitement and effort. Tom puts all his energy into every note of every track performing live.

This spectacular live presence has allowed Tom to draw large crowds to his high energetic shows.

​Tom is the next big thing in the New Zealand & international Hip-Hop music scene.

He has made his presence known both locally and internationally.

Having been cosigned by the biggest names in the rap industry.

Tom Francis is a force to be reckoned with.

Dangerous By Tom Francis

After smashing onto the rap radar practically overnight in 2016 and  working with legendary artists such as Snoop Dogg, Joyner Lucas, Royce  Da 5’9, Twista and many more, Tom Francis’s different forms of  production shape his personalised sound. 

His new track DANGEROUS bounces  on a bass-heavy menacing beat.

With a musical style mixed with hard-hitting beats, heavy basslines,  quick-fire technical raps and slow acoustics. 

Tom Francis’s creativity  and laid-back bars showcase his calm persona. 

Tom Francis is coming for  his place in the rap industry. 

Be sure to check out DANGEROUS.

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