Darmin De'flern


Darmin De’flern is a singer songwriter, producer and composer of music from South Wales Valleys UK.
In his early teens Darmin learned Piano up to grade three before dropping music to concentrate on his education. At the age of 24 he renewed his interest in music and started writing and composing ballads and instrumental pieces as a solo artist and formed a band called Terarrim (goth/prog/rock) that lasted briefly.

It was at this time that Darmin met Steve Andrews aka Bard of Ely while having a friendly competition in the Cardiff Wales music charts at www.mp3.com. Out of that friendship they collaborated on a ballad that was called Love and Tears. It reached number 1 in the Cardiff all format and Love charts and reached number 4 in the UK Love charts. Darmin also composed a track called 1066 a film score type of instrumental that reached number 1 in both the classical and all format charts and number 86 in the classical Uk charts.

Darmin has competed in the UK Song writing contest gaining one runner up and several semi final entries, one of which was 1066.

Darmin is currently uploading tracks at the rate of about one a week to YouTube, a mix of old tunes from his back catalogue and newly created songs and instrumentals.

So what’s different about Darmin De’flern’s music? Darmin takes inspiration from a wide range of music genres to create music. On his YouTube channel you might find anything from elegant piano pieces, Jean Michelle Jarre inspired electronic music, classical movie themed music scores, hip hop, poetry, to beats, blues, 80s Synth Pop, Goth, Prog Rock various instrumentals as well as hard rock and metal songs. Darmin De’flern is heavily inspired by 70s, 80s and 90s music.

Serino by Darmin De'Flern

By Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews is an author, singer-songwriter, poet, naturalist and activist. He is originally from Cardiff, where he was given the title Bard of Ely by Big Issue magazine in which he had a column. He now lives in Portugal. He is a a "Famous Cardiffian" and famous for his green beard.

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