Til Death by John Tucker AKA DazRyte


 JAN 5, 2022  Missouri

John Tucker AKA DazRyte

Words From The Man Himself

My name is John Tucker!

I’m a 25 year old instrumentalist/producer/artist from the St Louis
region and ” living ” is my passion!

“A dream exists only in your mind until you build it in real life”

I grew up in a small town named Marquand (pop250).

I was raised around music at every
corner of life such as; family dinners, church service, and at home.

Most of the Tucker family are
musicians but, I wanted to take my passion further than just playing my guitar!

When I was 16 years old I found a short lived production software by the name of Dubturbo.

I am very grateful for my mother as she is responsible for the purchase of this software.

“This is where my obsession began!”

4 years later at (20yr) I found myself purchasing my very first professional DAW along with my
current Dell Inspiron 5000.

My journey into music production was not my pursuit at first because
I was raised to believe that in order to survive i ” must ” work a 9 to 5.

However, after purchasing
my very first home and fancy car I quickly realized that i was not happy and I needed some
better in my life.

I began to abuse alcohol and found myself suffering the consequences of a

“My losses are not regrettable”
Soon, I moved back into mom and dads and began grinding towards my passion.

When I
thought I had lost everything is when I finally found..

It wasn’t difficult to see at first but, I was simply too afraid to go after it.

I believe that if you
work hard enough then, you will find success!

“Be who you are, not what others expect”
Growing up as the baby of 4 children, I was picked on like most younger siblings are.

However, I
have always felt a bit weak mentally.

I could never control my emotional outbursts.

I often found
myself throwing tantrums and crying over simple things.

Throughout high-school I began noticing slight changes to my personality.

As a child I was very
introverted and nervous.

Maybe through my experiences and education, I have developed a
whole new mentality it seems.

“It took me a long time to understand myself and who I am supposed to be”
Being a young adult now at (25yrs) I am finally beginning to understand who I’m supposed to
be and how to achieve it.

I now know that experiences good and bad are not to be regrettable.

In fact, they are the process of development.

We all endure different experiences throughout
our lives.

Whether they’re good, bad, or even leave you with PTSD issues, the memories that we
obtain from our past are simply a piece of knowledge that you can either use as a tool or just
another reason to sulk.

“I strive for education”
There are often times, like most people, I find myself acting mildly narcissistic and even

During these emotions I’ve learned to simply be patient until they pass.

Its not always an easy thing to  do but, these are not emotions I want to display for others to learn from.

After writing the last paragraph in this biography, a man stopped his truck and said, ” I’m here to
give you this book. “

He handed me a specially curated book from the Bible and spoke to me about his travels
backpacking around the world after his military discharge.

I said to him, ” I plan to travel the
world living in my vehicle because I want to educate the world with my experiences. “

He said, ” There’s no time. “

I shook the man’s hand as we exchanged names and words of gratitude.

The man left and now I am continuing my biography.

Only recently, have i been thinking that I am suffering mildly from bipolar disorder.

I have never
had tests performed but, I think when I go from happy and extroverted one day to; ” I hate the
world and everyone in it “, the next day something might be a bit off.

Overall, I strive to be a good man that loves everyone and the world.

I am not very religious but,
sometimes I question whether I believe or not.

There are so many amazing things that happen in
life that it does become very difficult to deny.

” I have a dream to fulfill “
My dream is not to achieve fame and fortune.

Instead, I want to use my opportunity for fame
and fortune to create change in the world.

I want to fight tyranny and abuse.

I want to use my
experience in life as a story for others to read and learn from.

I want people to know that they do not have to suffer in order to survive.

I want them to learn
that if we all love eachother and work together like family there will be no more suffering.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading a little bit about me and what I want.

You can continue
following me in my journey simply at the click of the links below!!!

Ps. I had no idea the man with the book would have shown in the middle of writing this short biography.

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