‘Another Day’ By Jeremy Gorman


 JAN 1, 2022

World Class ‘Jeremy Gorman’ Joins Our Top Talent Music Family!

Jeremy’s BioFor San Francisco Bay Area multi-instrumentalist, Jeremy Gorman, music has been nothing short of a lifetime journey of self-expression and self-realization. Currently performing as a solo-artist, Jeremy has collaborated with many bands around the North Bay area including a project titled spaceMüs with daughter Blair Gorman.With a deep knowledge of music theory, along with a vast range of musical tastes, Jeremy creates story-driven songs that capture ideas of hope and gratitude and of his own personal life’s journey.It is quite difficult to place Jeremy Gorman’s music in a specific genre-box, as he draws from the likes of Jazz, Blues, Rock, classical and other styles, and yet, he manages to bring them all together into one cohesive sound.Originally from Berkeley, California, Jeremy now resides in Sonoma County where he produces music for multiple artists.

Jeremy’s current release ‘…Another Day’

“…Another Day feels like an important album. It feels like it has been created to remind us of the passing of time, the hope to be found in even our darkest of times, and the power of gratitude. It acts as a window into a history of songwriting that can, at times, feel like it is getting buried beneath the digital skies.” – Ryan Donnelly 

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