HARMINI – This Changes Everything (Official Music Video)>

HARMINI – This Changes Everything (Official Music Video)

Song Bio 


This song is the main soundtrack/theme song for the new Major Motion Picture “Under The Stadium Lights”.

Starring Hollywood actors Laurence Fishburne (Matrix), Milo Gibson (Hacksaw Ridge), Noel G (The Fast and the Furious), Abigail Hawk (Almost Paris), Glenn Morshower (Bomb City), and more!

This movie is based on the inspirational true story of a small town high school football team who beat all the odds to win their state championship.

After a crushing defeat ended their prior season, everyone counted the Abilene Eagles out of title contention.

Facing doubts and personal challenges both on and off the field, it will take the guidance of their team chaplain (Gibson) and a surrogate father figure (Fishburne) for them to realize what they can achieve when they stand united as a team.

In this uplifting underdog story, the Abilene Eagles will once again soar in an incredible comeback that will be forever remembered in sports history. On June 4, 2021 – “Under The Stadium Lights” hit 55 movie Theaters across 17 states throughout the United States of America.

The feature film is now available on demand and can also be purchased online as well as in major stores like Walmart and Target.

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