We welcome the awesome Pop/RnB artist Jae Cabrera from Waterdown, Ontario Canada

A Singer / Songwriter who infuses both R&B with Pop music creates songs that reflect many artistic forms. Soulful and energetic are only a few words to describe the style of Jae Cabrera’s music. A veteran to the music industry, Jae’s music not only reflects today’s trendy sounds, it keeps his listeners wanting more, and that’s what keeps Jae motivated and excited about writing music that his fans can enjoy.

As an artist who has grappled with many sounds and written many songs, his determination and perseverance as a recording artist throughout the years has shown his passion, patience and his continued success as he continues to work on creating new music with his production team that will resonate with everyone.

Singing since the age of 5, Jae decided to try his hand at making his passion his living. He answered an ad in New York’s Village Voice for a male vocal group. He set out with the goal of being apart of this newly formed group. He auditioned with a song he had written himself, and was made a member the next day. Being in a new boy band, came with many opportunities, which allowed Jae to meet various industry people. Through this, Jae met producer Angelo “DOC” Velasquez. The two soon collaborated and began writing music together, eventually turning their collaborations into Jae’s songs: I Don’t Mind, Don’t Break My Heart, and Girl in My Dreams. Jae was then signed to an independent label, where he spent two years working with the label. As time progressed, Jae left the label and began booking his own shows and promoting himself anywhere he could.

Performing one night at a NYC bar, Jae caught the attention of Nemesis Records CEO Kingmin, who immediately approached Jae about working with the label. With years’ worth of experience and songs under his belt, Jae was more than ready to bring his music to a broader audience and had finally found a label that was ready to move with him. Nemesis wasted no time and quickly got Jae on the radio in NYC and launched a website for the singer so fans could keep updated with what Jae was doing.

Jae continued to build a name for himself through the underground music scene, and recorded music for his debut EP on Nemesis Records. His single I Don’t Mind, got some well-deserved radio play at major R&B and Hip Hop station WBLS 107.5 and was being requested at other local stations.
With a couple of singles that lit up New York commercial radio, Jae was then approached by Kristine Sa to co-write for “Hopeless Romantic”. By doing this, Jae put his own project on hold to pursue other music projects, which helped him gain further notoriety within the music industry.

Through Jae’s progression within the music industry, he was writing lyrics that quickly became gelled into full blown songs. These songs were in collaboration with expert production by Kadis & Sean (G-Unit) and Dave Liang (The Shanghai Restoration Project, Carl Thomas). Jae reintroduced himself to the music scene with now a different flare on such songs as “For You”, and “What’s It Gonna Take”. From here Jae then continued to re-collaborate with Angelo “Doc” Velasquez, and King Patrick, at invite only studios, in which they produced a slew of new material, including his new singles Show Out and She Wants It All. Smooth as ever, Jae Cabrera steps out of the background and back into the spotlight where he belongs.

Upon Jae’s move to Canada, he collaborated with Knockout Entertainment Music Management Group Inc. and his production team at Invite Only Studios in NYC to embark on an anti-bullying tour called Conquer the Fear. The following year he was a part of the Stand Against the Fear Anti-Bullying Tour with EMG Canada raising awareness against such an important cause affecting young people today. Furthermore, Jae’s music and work did not go unrecognized as his single “Show Out” was nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award.

As Jae’s popularity grows and more people are exposed to his music, there is no doubt that his music will resonate with everyone within the industry and the world.

Jae is also an active advocate for many anti-bullying projects.

Please enjoy his  brilliant song ‘Turbulance‘ in the video box.


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