Jeremy ‘Tamaskin’ Hobbs with Time To Ride Off

Jeremy ‘Tamaskin’ Hobbs

Influenced by some of the most legendary artists in American history, Tamaskin has been tirelessly creating his own music, which is considerably just as enjoyable as the work of the greats, according to many of his listeners and concert-goers.
The music he creates can be considered pop-rock.
To limit its description to a simple genre such as that one, however, would be an injustice.
To fully capture a way to describe his unique sound, one must be understanding of his refreshing eccentricity.
The vibe in the venue where Tamaskin performs is one less familiar and is said to be uplifting, inspiring and empowering.
His stage presence and each of his eccentric and upbeat songs will likely leave you wanting to turn your dreams into goals and tackle them.
The atmosphere is one fit for all and is sure to leave you smiling and in good spirit.????

Jeremy “Tamaskin” Hobbs is from Charleston, South Carolina who turned his passion for music to life.
A college graduate from the College of Charleston with a major in Arts Management with a concentration in Music, Tamaskin is a recording artist who explores life through all different types of experiences.
Whether its pop, rock, or rap, Tamaskin strives to make his listeners excited and hungry for his new and unique sound. 
Tamaskin recently released his debut EP titled “The Phantom Of The Hills”.
His new project was dedicated to stimulate and motivate his adoring and dedicated followers who inspire him with their fan mail and social media input.
Giving complete insight on what his experience was like to finally move to Beverly Hills, Tamaskin reveals his childhood dreams and aspirations through growth and pain on his new EP.
Tamaskin strives to bring inspiration and passion to his fans through music and fashion.
The difference between Tamaskin and any other artist: Tamaskin uses the insight of being a college graduate, humor, street smarts, travel experiences, and exposure to his celebrity lifestyle.
Being involved with movie premiers, television networks, and music award shows, sporting events, fashion shows, art showcases, and charity events have allowed Tamaskin to have a fascinated outlook on life.
Growing up in the south has made it seem like Tamaskin is caught in between two worlds. Graduating College of Charleston, contrasted by the annual celebrity exposure he gets when visiting places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, and Atlanta caused him to have an open mind to cultural differences. 
Tamaskin wants to impact people’s lives in a positive and inspirational way through his experiences.
He hopes that by using music to tell his life experiences, he will inspire others to believe in themselves and pursue their ambitions in life.

To all of Tamaskin’s fans,
The name “Tamaskin” was given to Jeremy around the age of 12 years old.
Growing up Jeremy always had a fascination with animals.
This was one of the many reasons he has maintained a plant-based diet for many years.
As his love for animals grew once he got older, he became very found of wolves and dogs.
Jeremy shares the name “Tamaskin” with a certain breed of wolf.
Tamaskan Wolves are one of the most intelligent and musically-inclined breeds.
That’s what separates them from the others.
That is exactly why Jeremy has been called Tamaskin by his friends and family since his childhood days, as he is also very smart and talented when it comes to music.
Tamaskan wolves are also quick learners, and their greatness wouldn’t be possible without their pack.
Just like a Tamaskan Wolf, Jeremy is able to be so great because of his amazing crew members, or his “pack”. 
That’s just one of the many metaphors that reveal just how well the name Tamaskin describes Jeremy.
Just like the Tamaskan Wolf, Jeremy always has an eager disposition and is ready to do what he does best– be Tamaskin and perform at the highest level of performance possible.

Time To Ride Off by Tamaskin

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