Australian-Chinese artist JËVA returns with his sophomore EP Typhoon,  bringing shimmering R&B style melodies and bouncing pop hooks to  the party. 

Effortlessly catchy and uplifting, the project showcases  JËVA’s virtuosic vocal flair and deeply personal lyricism.

Speaking about his new release, JËVA reveals: “Through  writing this EP, it’s helped me process each and every difficult  emotion on the journey. 

I had lived 20 years of my life hiding this big  secret and holding such weight of shame…  

That starting the domino  effect of confessing was a point of no return. 

This extremely  uncomfortable  element of unchartered territory surrounding my identity  gave this already tricky romantic situation a supercharged emotional  weight. 

It was an extremely hard time of my life. 

Through writing the  songs I found a safe space to explore how I was feeling, process my  trauma & navigate this really tricky time of my life. 

I couldn’t see  it then, but it was my support system.”

JËVA’s irresistible pop gems serve as a  vessel for his empowering message, which is to never shy away from his  truth. 

Inspired by 2010s R&B, 2nd Generation K-Pop and Taylor Swift,  his music has become a space in which he can heal from trauma, openly  and authentically. 

With TikTok featuring ‘Good Friends’ on the Pop &  Pride editorial playlist and Tones & I endorsing the ‘Typhoon’  single, JËVA is certainly set for big things.

Typhoon The Single

The Full EP

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By Sparky

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