K L-J All Day Podcast Episode 1 David Pastorius

So our Top Talent Promotions Radio & Podcast Network continues to grow with our very own Kirsty Leslie-Jones (K L-J) deciding to do a small 15 minute rapid fire Q&A with all our willing music family members starting with our Ambassador for Florida the Bass Player for both Pat Travers Band and Local 518.
Ladies and Gents the one and only David Pastorius.
Enjoy 🙂

Episode 1 of The K L-J Allday Podcast 

David Pastorius

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Some more information we have gathered on the fantastic artist David Pastorius

From The Late Great ‘Jaco’ To His Younger Nephew David – The Pastorius Bass Bloodline Is The Best Ever!

As the nephew of the world renowned ‘Jaco Pastorius‘ idolised himself by the legendary ‘Marcus Miller‘ and many others young David has huge boots to fill but he does himself justice! the man is as goods as anyone on the planet on the bass!

Jaco was apparently also a great drummer and awesome on the keys too!

Highly recommened you watch the featured documentary

The Video Auto Playing For You Now Is A New Documentary Titled ‘Jaco Pastorius – The Lost Tapes

Released by Realcut YouTube Channel

Enjoy x

David Pastorius Bass Solo

5 Greatest Jaco Pastorius Bass Lines

Jaco Pastorius – The Lost Tapes Documentary

It all started in 2006, when we, three fans of Jaco Pastorius, decided to self-produce a film to honor the memory of this immense musician, to showcase his approach to music, his creativity, his heritage, and make people discover the “human” imprint that he left within his formations.
Watching for the arrival in France of great musicians having rubbed shoulders with him, we managed to approach some of them, a little “with the nerve” it is true, and to interview Marcus Miller, Joe Zawinul, Peter Erskine, Dave Carpenter and Paco Seri.
The project progressed slowly, at the goodwill of the companies which lent us their equipment or their premises, until in 2008, the images were definitively lost during the move of one of these companies.
But in 2021, while searching his attic, Nico finds a dusty hard drive, which he thought was empty, and discovers that it contains all the lost images in digital format! The project could finally restart and this time we went to the end.
It is this “fan-film” that we are sharing with you today. It contains exclusive, often moving, testimonies that pay homage to comet Jaco Pastorius and the immense musical imprint he left in his wake.
We thank the speakers for their generosity, for the time they agreed to devote to us, for the sole purpose of honoring Jaco’s memory.
We would like to point out that this film was made with no budget, no financial aid or no image purchase, all stock and concert images are taken from the internet and all rights reserved. The people who worked on this project did it voluntarily, out of passion and love of music, and the film will in no way be monetized on the platforms, our goal being only to share with you our admiration for “Mr Jaco Pastorius “.
Good viewing.
Musically, Nico, Chris, François.


Top Talent Live Hour Episode 3 – BASS EVENT 1

The Fantastic King Fabbs opens up the show with a live performance for us from Calgary, Alberta Canada

Guest 1 – King Fabbs

Guest 2 – Dr Funk

Guest 3 – David Pastorius

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Guest 4 – Ellen Alaverdyan

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Guest 5 – Jeremy Hill

Sit Back And Enjoy The Show

We would also like to give a huge thanks to all our Podcast Panalists for the show.

The Top Talent Promotions Music Family 

Marky (Sparky) Laird
Music Family Magazine
Kirsty Leslie-Jones

Top Talent Promotions Top 20 Spotify Charts


Hosted By Sparky & KLJ

Lets have a run down of this weeks TTP Spotify Charts numbers 20-16

No 20

The Easy Way Out by Kayka

No 19

Revolution Live by The Dawn Of Lions 

No 18

Blood by Leah Karis / Jack Jordan

No 17

Sunset City by Coastal Tang

No 16

Safe and Sound by King Fabbs
Now lets see this weeks TTP Spotify Charts numbers 15-11

No 15

Heart Of Joy by Half A Date

No 14

Time To Wake Up by Adams Traktor

No 13

Night In Blue by Jean Danio

No 12

The Chase by David Pastorius

No 11

Glasgow’s Burning by The Decadent Movement
This weeks TTP Spotify Top 20 Charts numbers 10-6 are as follows

No 10

Monkey Mind by The Vast Oddity

No 9

Kevin’s Window by Luna Collins

No 8

Without You by Elia Berthoud / VASSY

No 7

I’d Rather Be Dying In A Fairytale by ya

No 6

Dreaming by Pau Viguer Trio
Now Finally this weeks TTP Spotify Top 20 charts number’s 5-2 are

No 5

Our Father by J Maddix

No 4

Roadrunner by Dr Funk

No 3

Light Speed by B’ZURKK

No 2

Champion by Harmini

This Weeks Number 1 In The Top Talent Top 20  Weekly Spotifys Charts Is !!

No 1

Coming Home by Ayency


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Many Thanks 

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