Your Story Is Mine By King Cole


 JAN 17, 2022

King Cole

Singer/Songwriter, musician, King Cole is equal parts poetic and political.

“The Mean Season” is the first single from a multi song collaboration with visual artist Barry Gross that features the soulful voice of J. Buck.

Sometimes a tune written by a brilliant, insightful songwriter you’ve never heard of meets the sociopolitical moment in unimaginably provocative ways.

With a vibe sounding like an update of the classic atmosphere-drenched 70’s soul of Marvin Gaye, Bobby Womack and Isaac Hayes, “The Mean Season” is just one of hundreds of thus far unearthed musical treasures penned over the last 35-plus years by Andrew “King” Cole, a Miami based under the radar force of nature who up till now had been at peace with abandoning his musical dreams after a series of close major label calls a few decades earlier.

“The Mean Season” is just the start of a unique rollout of a batch of King Cole-penned singles–sung by up and coming artists leading up to the release of the provocatively titled album Troll the Troll.

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