– Lacrimosa (Original) by Cheyanne Marie –

Cheyanne Marie – Lacrimosa

Mixed and Mastered by Nikolas Thompson

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Lacrimosa Lyrics


dies illa I’m weeping Oh nooooo,

I’m weeping Full of tears will be that day I’m weeping Oh nooo,

I’m weeping Full of tears will be that day I’m weeping All those words didn’t mean a thing

You could’ve told me in person but I only got a ring

You said you would bring your heart on a platter

Instead, you said f*** it, it doesn’t matter

You loved me more now than ever before

I was someone that you should’ve worshipped and adored

But baby, it’s too late now for your apology

I was scared of losing you but now I’m free, yeah oh Lacrimosa, dies illa (Nooo, I’m weeping)

Lacrimosa, dies illa (Full of tears will be that day)

Yeah, I’m weeping, no, oooh, yeah, I’m weeping Full of tears will be that day Lacrimosa, dies illa

Song Bio

Cheyanne Marie is a singer, creative professional, and humanitarian currently based in Oklahoma City.

In 2020, she released her first single on all major streaming platforms called “Lacrimosa”. “Lacrimosa” is a perfect blend of the R&B, Hip-Hop, and Classical sound.

Containing a bass line that fills the soul, harmonies that chill the bones, and a vocal melody that soothes the soul, “Lacrimosa” is a song remix that has never been done before.

“The concept of “Lacrimosa” evolved accidentally.

After visiting family during the holidays, I was dropping my brother, OG Marty, off at his favorite studio called Bent Strings Studios located in Tampa, FL. After just 20 minutes, he was able to cook up a fire beat using a chopped sample, simple chord progression, and synth.

When OG Marty showed me his 20-minute creation, I couldn’t help but realize the song was in D minor and resembled Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Requiem.

It was extremely unintentional.

But with my love for music, I found this to be a perfect excuse for me to integrate the classical sound with R&B/Hip-Hop.

Within minutes, I came up with the “Lacrimosa” hook using an SSAA arrangement of Mozart’s Requiem that I could remember from high school.

Then, I took a half-written verse I wrote from years ago, plugged it in, finished writing a coupe lines, and then, magic was created.

All I could remember thinking was how amazing this song turned out in less than an hour. Imagine what me & OG Marty can create with more time!” 

Cheyanne Marie As a lover of all music genres, Cheyanne Marie plans to develop her own unique sound with OG Marty as her primary producer.

Ranging from R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Alternative, Classical, & Soul, this brother & sister duo will be one for the books.

“Lacrimosa” is simply the beginning of something amazing to come.

Check out more about Cheyanne Marie & her music at www.cheyannemarie.com

“If you need me, you can always find me singing, podcasting, laughing, or eating.”

Cheyanne Marie is an accomplished singer, actor, songwriter, vocal coach, director, producer and humanitarian. Chey Chey started singing at the early age of 2 and began her dancing and acting dreams at the age of 7 with goals of achieving big successes.

Many people encouraged Cheyanne to pursue her dreams. Upon graduating Piedmont College in 2017, with a Bachelor’s in Music in Musical Theater, Cheyanne began her first professional apprenticeship with Aurora Theatre. That same year, Cheyanne auditioned for the prestigious Wanda Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University. After receiving a full scholarship, she received her Masters in Music in Musical Theater in 2019.

Cheyanne Marie has been seen in many on stage productions and performances such as Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Velma Kelly in Chicago, and Pseudolous in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum!

As Cheyanne continues to pursue her music dreams, she finds solace in helping others in the process. After COVID-19 began, Cheyanne received an additional Masters in Nonprofit Leadership 

& Management with a focus in Fundraising at OCU. Cheyanne plans to use her new found knowledge to create a multi-coastal artist co-op that gives our under-served communities a chance to shine.


Top 24 Semi-Finalist in the National Music Theatre Competition in New York (2020)

Broadway World Nomination for Best Actress in a Musical (2019)

​1st Place in Oklahoma NATS​ for Advanced Musical Theatre Women (2018)

1st Place in the National Student Auditions in Upper College Music Theatre Women (2016)

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Cheyanne Marie Tu Chey is a happy hour podcast hosted by Cheyanne Marie and special guests discussing topics of social awareness and entertainment news. This “Sassy but Classy” podcast is what every artist desires to hear. Tu Chey’s Happy Hour is originally recorded LIVE for Cheyanne Marie’s Patreon members every Tuesday! You can sign up to Cheyanne’s Patreon Here to gain exclusive access. Tu Chey provides a platform for rising artists so please feel free to be a guest! ALL ARE WELCOMED because #NoLoveLeftBehind.  Contact Cheyanne in Her Website to become a special guest!​

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