Legend Of Wooly Swamp By Lee Dove

Lee Dove

In His Own Words

Well my story is long but will condense as much as possible.
From an early age I, was told by music teacher’s in school that I, was tone deaf.
So as a result I, never touched tried to sing or play a guitar till at age 26 I, bought a guitar.
Learned a bunch of chords and started trying to sing and was damn awful!
Between family, friends and a tape recorder spent the next 15 years learning to hear the tones.
No teachers, No voice coach just, persevered till I, sorted it all out.
Then at age 42 I started my 1st band. Anyway, over the years I’ve, won multiple singing contest and achieved number one status for top singers in areas where I’ve lived.
( I’ve a number #1 rating on Reverb Nation for the last 3 year’s) I’ve got 35 songs playing on Spotify, iHeartRadio and iTunes etc..
All recorded live with nothing but my phone.
I’ve  been gigging professionally for the last 20 some years.
I’m currently booked on d45a 6 month gig at Butterfield RV Resort in Benson Arizona.
Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it… LOL 

Legend Of Wooly Swamp – Lee Dove


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