Mark Storey: Feed My Demons

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Mark Storey


Music had been my passion for as long as I can remember and I have been in numerous bands since my late 20s, the first of note was Gangland, a Power Metal Band that enjoyed a brief success when they were signed to Pony Canyon International in 1992. Gangland released 2 tracks on Neal Kay’s Metal for Muthas ’92 album (“Death threat”& “Beyond the law”) as well as a single (“One in a million”/”Crazy angel”).
Following the demise of Gangland I joined Schizofrantic with whom I recorded the “ProEmotional” album and the “Psinus” E.P.
Up until this point in my career my role was singer, frontman , lyricist but when the band changed it’s name to Dog Nasty I had started writing songs and contributed my 1st composition to Dog Nasty’s “Crossbreed” album with the song “Velveteen”.
When the band folded I started writing& recording as a solo artist and produced a collection of songs which I released on the “Meanwhile…..Down in the basement” album.This brought me to the attention of Indonesian based Guitarist/Producer Tommy Maranua and we began a songwriting partnership which is still ongoing. We formed M.S.P. (The Maranua Storey Project)along with Indonesian drummer Faried Badjeber.
Both Tommy and Faried are also part of Indonesia’s biggest Rock band Boomerang.
M.S.P. completed their debut album “A Shoulder for the Crow” in 2014 and are currently writing material for the follow up album. M.S.P.’s material is hugely popular in Indonesia and is accumulating a world wide fan base. The music is primarily Rock but M.S.P. have a diverse sound all of their own, unique and refreshing.
As well as M.S.P. I am also l lead singer and play Blues harp in a British based Rhythm n Blues Band “One Night Stand” who gig regularly on the UK scene.
The material on this page are songs I have written, recorded and produced myself, some of the material will go on to be recorded with M.S.P. some won’t but this is an example of what I do….I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I do creating it.