Maroon 5 Tribute By One More 5

Nicola Settanni

In His Own Words
My name is Nicola Settanni and I was born in Milan on October 26, 1983, I approached the art in adulthood even if as a child I wanted to learn to play the piano but for economic problems I did not succeed, so that at the age of 19 years after graduation I moved to Rome to pursue my dream of becoming a performance.
So I started university in the faculty of Letters and Philosophy, specializing in the disciplines of the arts of music and the performing arts, I started doing theater and music, but after the university I had to return to Milan.
At the age of 24 years I started a music academy that led me to make some good experiences in the world of music, I had the opportunity to go on tour in Italy with a show of Gospel music where I sang as a chorister.
After two years of academy, I had to give up my studies bitterly and started to do the most humble jobs, but always with this great passion that I still carry inside.
In 2013 I decided to be the Frontman in the Maroon5 tribute band, this experience made me grow a lot, we were touring Europe and almost the world, we played in Italy in Switzerland, Romania and Austria, while I had economic difficulties and decided to move to Austria where I still live.
The Tribute band broke up because of the distance between Italy and Austria, the agencies offered us dates in South America and Saudi Arabia but the band was no more
Today, 2022, I live my life with the desire to make the music still present, so every week I post on my social networks a new cover, when I can I play street music in the city of Graz and always when there is an opportunity in some local.

Maroon 5 Cover Band – One More 5

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