My Girls By Mickey Gerry


 FEB 2, 2022

Mickey Gerry

In his own words
Mickey Gerry
33 years old, D.O.B. 19/11/1988 from Falkirk in Scotland.
I write songs, it’s what I’ve always done, it’s what I’ll always do.
They’ve helped me through the worst times of my life, and have given me some of the best.
Writing helps me with my anger, love, fear and other emotions.
I couldn’t live without it music is my way of venting the difficulties I face in my day to day life. My escape from reality if you will.
Anytime I feel stressed or uncomfortable, I write my songs. (parental discretion is advised).
Every song has a background or reason.
And through the hardship and discomforts I have endured in my life, it is my music and my lyrics that have taken me where I’ve needed to be.
Into a Rhythmic Euphoria that I am in control of.
I want my children to be able to use music the way I do.
To help themselves with it. If I keep recording my music, they’ll hear it whenever they want, whether I’m there or not.
That’s my motivation to keep doing what I’m doing.
Keep writing with honesty, keep helping myself and never avoid the thought that what I’m doing now it may help people make sense of their worries for years to come.

My Girls by Mickey Gerry


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