Nah By The Hirst Brothers

The Hirst Brothers

The Hirst Brothers get creative with their latest music video for the single Nah! from the Groove Town EP.
There’s a hidden meaning in everything they do, see if you can figure it out.
Thanks to Royal City Studios in Guelph, ON for filming location.
Also thanks to Chop City Studios, CO for mixing services.

The Hirst Brothers – Nah! (Official Music Video)

You should also check out The Hirst Brothers Podcast

The Hirst Brothers podcast is a uniquely styled approach at delivering the audience new independently produced music from around the world.
Each episode consists of story-telling and comedic banter followed by multiple similarly styled songs.
The Brothers claim to be “amateurs rating amateur-music” and deliver feedback to the artists while rating each song on a scale of 1-100 biscuits.
It’s a win-win styled approach; the listener receives an entertaining episode of stories, opinions and laughter while discovering new artists to become fans of, while the artists get exposure and feedback on how the average consumer of music would interpret their work.
The Brothers have been open to reviewing multiple styles of music, such as rock, pop, country, rap and electronic (and more) take a peek into the interesting lives of the Hirst Brothers and be the first of your friends to find that artist that becomes a staple in your playlists.

Other notes: 
All artist ratings are recorded and kept on the Biscuit Leaderboard
Johnny and Mark Hirst have not heard the songs prior to the episode, so it is a genuine first-reaction to each piece. 
The Brothers are also indie musicians, with their first EP launching Feb 1st. 
For all things The Hirst Brothers check out their Website and follow them on the social media icon links below…






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