Ashley ‘NTRIK’ Sonarm has Incredible Talent !

NTRIK is an experienced music professional with almost 20 years under his belt producing music, DJing, mastering, arranging and mixing music for clients across the globe.

  He has worked with top 10 charting singers and bands, remixed for legendary producers and released music with artists signed to major labels.   As a DJ, You’ll find NTRIK sharing tracks infused with Jazz, 70s Disco, Soul, Funk and 80s Electro as well as old-school House vibes from the 90s, all packaged up into a warm selection of modern, sunshine-tinged, feelgood dance tracks that work as well at a bar as they do a BBQ.   As a music producer, NTRIK’s approach allows him to work effectively at generating engaging ideas quickly and crafting an exciting and aurally pleasing, detailed end product that meets and exceeds your expectations.   Over the last two decades, NTRIK has written music for, collaborated with and supported many artists, musicians and DJs of many styles – from Classical and Opera to Hiphop, Rock, Soul and Downtempo right through to more upbeat styles like Trance, House and Techno.   Names include James D Train (Prelude, Columbia Records, US Billboard Dance chart number-one), Lenny Fontana (Karmic Power Records, Strictly Rhythm, FFRR Records), Two Loons for Tea (Sarathan Records), Lovejunky, Marlin McNichols (Epic, Sony) and Martha Munizzi (Columbia, Sony), Edwin Starr (Motown Records), George Clinton (Capitol, EMI, Warner Bros, Epic), Kinsman Dazz Band (Motown Records), Lige Curry (George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic, P-Funk All Stars), Alan Connor (UK top 10 pop artist).   You can contact NTRIK via his Website or see everything he is up to on Linktree

If you like Disco music, this video is for you!

Very excited to introduce this live DJ set, recorded for the Unicorn international music festival which took place in May this year.

The festival showcased upcoming and established international DJs and musical talent from around the world across a two-day music event online.

I am representing the UK, bringing back the funky shirts and blending a superior mix of high energy and uplifting Disco, House, 80s and remixes – combining old with new – to create a summer party vibe, perfect for these warm evenings and weekends.

I dare you to tell me you don’t want to dance. — Lovingly curated, performed and mixed by NTRIK.

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