Our Forever Growing Partner List – Tbc (A Lot)

HUNDREDS of Partners Ready To Be Announced – Stay Tuned

Top Talent Family Radio 1 Station (All Past Podcast Shows 24/7)

Our In-House World Class Graphite Artist Craig Darroch Art.

Our Weekly Family Open Mic Event 4pm London Every Sunday

Our Flagship Show On Every Tues,Wed & Thurs 7pm London – Ten Artists 10 Tracks – Everyone Present

We Get Artists – My Partners Movie/Sitcom Pitching Business

Wal & Dion Mitchinson The Father & Son The Karaoke Kings Could (Cover Your Song)

Potential Collab With My Partner Kirk (QFX)

Top Talent Family Radio 2 – Our Radio Station Where The Artists Introduce Each Other

Guilherme Costa’s Crash Tv (Interview Brazil South America)

Allee Visuals (World Class Visuals Has Work For Many High Level Clients)

Building A Serious Team Of Writers For My Website (Multiple In Every Continent)

The KLJ Allday Podcast (Routine Interviews Cornwall UK)

Learn To Play The Bass With My Friend David Pasdtorius

Potential Collab Partner with My Brother DR FUNK

IBNX Radio Network (Our American Radio Partners 15 Stations) They Also Receive The Radio Submissions From Website

The Top Talent Live Hour Podcast – 4 Guests 4 Tracks Each

The Lance Olson Show (Submit Your Music To My Partner Lance)

Our Weekly Family Saturday Show – Twenty Artists / 20 Tracks Everyone Present

Sparky’s Artist Management – Free For Family Members (Criteria To Be Met)

Harmini Productions (Potential Team Up With My Friend In The Movies Hamini)

TGM Radio (Radio Station Partner Willing To Help The Family)

Kevin Mann & His UK Independant Radio Show. (Submit Your Music To Kevin All Family Members)

Popology (My Partner Building His Own MetaTypeVerse)

Tu Chey Podcast (Hit Up Cheyanne For An Interview Oklahoma North America)
MFN Radio Station
Jorvik Radio Station
The Steve Andrews Show (Interview Portugal Europe)
The AmiR Show London (Interview London UK)
The B-Astre Show (Interview Belgium Europe)
Katja’s Playlists (Submit Music To Katria For Spotify Playlists)
The Mhelyssa Show (Interview Mexico South America)
Phillip Sanders Radio Station 1 (Country Music Radio Station)
Mark Storey Blues Radio (Submit Blues Tunes To Mark For Radio Play)
The May Rei Show (Interview Germany Europe)
The DroCole Show (Interview Zimbabwe Africa)
TT-Rap With Jaxon Corbett Show (Interview Las Vegas North America)
The Druv Kent Show (Interview Singapore Asia)
Bassment Session radio
Kong Americana Radio
West Texas Roughnecks Radio
WVCC Radio

All Interested Family Members Can/Will Have Their Own Helpful Services/Media Outlets Placed Here – Just Ask (Or Wait To I Get To Ya)

Tons To Be Added – Bear With Me PleaseĀ 

Sparky Facebook

Ten:10 Radio Station (All Past Shows 24/7)

KLJ Facebook