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Top Talent Family Festival 2 - 2nd Oct 2022

The Top Talent Promotions Family Festival No 2
The TTF’s Are Now A Monthly Event Where 20-32 Artists Appear On Sparky’s TTF Festival Last Sat of Each Month 
Hosted By Mark Laird aka Sparky – A New Man In The Music Scene Promoting Artists & Doing Things His Way.
Our Descriptions Will Always Promote Not Only The Guests But Also The Participants Who Attend To Support The Artists On Particular Show In The Hopes Of Forever Bonding Everyone.
If You Are Anything To Do With Our Music Family (Or Want To Be) Please Find Time To Reach Out And Follow All Who Attended This Show Listed Below…

Full Show Below – One Love – Sparky – Enjoy 

Be Sure To Follow All The Guests & Participants On Instagram On The Clickable Photo Links Below
Tim Consley
Craig Laird
Craig Darroch Art
Myles Cohen
Pilot The Moon
Chris & So
Crash World
Rich Chambers
Mark Storey
Bert Fenber
Eddie Barber
Dany Horovitz
Michael Wilford
Fate Will Come
Zeeter Oliver
Luna Collins
Terry Finch
Steve Andrews
The Terraplanes
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