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Priscilla Hernandez is a highly acclaimed Spanish singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist with over two decades of experience in the world of Ethereal, Fantasy, and New Age music. Drawing inspiration from her love of nature, dreams, and folklore, Priscilla’s music celebrates all things mystical and entrancing. Her unique blend of ethereal vocals, enchanting melodies, and haunting lyrics make her a standout artist in the genre, drawing the listener into a realm of imagination and spirituality and taking them on a journey of the mind, body, and soul. The “soundtrack of a fairytale”

Constantly seeking to explore new dimensions of sound and emotion in her music, Priscilla seamlessly combines her voice with both ancient folk instruments and more modern electronic and symphonic elements. From lush soaring orchestral arrangements to soft electronic, tribal mystical pagan folk, and even stripped-down acoustic ballads, proving herself versatile in her ability to conjure evocative soundscapes.

Priscilla describes herself as a “storyteller,” and her spellbound audience often describes her music as “transporting and transformative.” Her mysterious lyrics showcase unique and powerful storytelling abilities woven with haunting melodies and mystical vocals that evoke a sense of otherworldly beauty and mystery.

She seamlessly combines lights and shadows, exploring all the beautiful silver grays in between, in perfect balance. Her songs range from ghostly and spectral to uplifting and entrancing, creating a sense of balance that captivates her listeners.

Whether you’re a fan of New Age music or simply looking for something truly uniquely spiritual and transporting, Priscilla Hernandez’s music deserves to be heard. Its emotive qualities are sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners and inspire them to connect with their own sense of inner beauty and spiritual wonder.

Priscilla’s artistry goes beyond her music as she is also a fantasy illustrator and videographer, combining her visual arts with her compositions to further enhance the experience of her sound. She creates stunning illustrations for the physical editions of her albums and constantly releases videos on her YouTube channel that capture the essence of the mysterious worlds her music unveils. She has also Priscilla has also enchanted audiences with her ethereal presence at specialized events in her native country, Spain, Europe and US

Her work is a testament to the power of creativity and imagination and a reminder that magic can be found both in the world around us but also WITHIN ourselves.

Digital discography:

By Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews is an author, singer-songwriter, poet, naturalist and activist. He is originally from Cardiff, where he was given the title Bard of Ely by Big Issue magazine in which he had a column. He now lives in Portugal. He is a a "Famous Cardiffian" and famous for his green beard.

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