– Roadrunner by DR Funk –

Jonny ‘Dr Funk’ Rubin

Over the last 2 years the Doctor of Funk ‘Jonny Rubin’ Surfer/Multi-Instumentalist (known for his BASS skills) originally from Sunderland living in Newquay, England has amassed way over 200 million trackable views on social media sites.

His unique Melody playing of tracks couple with his insane slapbass techniques are as special as anything you have ever seen, this guy grips everyones attention from the 4 year olds in the high street dancing to him busking to all the Nans and Paps bobbing along in their armchairs.

Simply put if you haven’t experienced Dr Funk yet you have been missing out forsure.

Check out his first Studio Recorded Track recorded in CUBE recording studio his hit ‘Roadrunner’ with George Murphy on Trumpet, Pete Nicholls on Drums and some other great musicians combine to make the Radio Version something Beautiful on the ear!

linked in video box it is Incredible the mans on fire!!!

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‘In his own words’ Multi-instrumentalist, live-looper, jazz funk bassist Dr Funk brings busking into the 2020s.

He makes the four-string sing.

He surfs.

His dream is to own a 67 Mustang Fastback.

He’s not actually a doctor.


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