So Alive By Humble Braggers

Humble Braggers

In a preview of what’s to come for Buffalo-based group Humble Braggers, the band has released their newest feel-good single, “So Alive”  on all streaming platforms. 

With an infusion of retro synth-pop and  brash guitar-work, the track is a testament to the feeling of pride and  joy that comes across when you’re able to overcome your fears. 

The band  previously announced their upcoming LP, Love & Fear, slated for release on November 11, 2021 featuring singles “Anymore,” “I’ll Keep Running,” and “Only.”

Buffalo, New York-bred Humble Braggers is a quickly rising four-piece band that is poised to take the scene by storm. With an electrifying and euphoric sound, Humble Braggers will guide you through any emotion. 

With greater-than-life arrangements  and infectious energy, the talented band will take any listener on an  eclectic sonic journey. 

Humble Braggers paint a blank canvas with their music that encapsulates each member’s  musical influences, usually ranging from electronic to pop to indie.  

Having shared the stage with Metric, Naked and Famous, and Joywave,  the band is creating an unparalleled artistic lane of their own that  will reach global audiences. 

Dancing through the sadness, Humble Braggers delivers lyrical messages that are rooted in experiences that many will  be able to relate to and find comfort in. 

Undoubtedly, the talented  band is set to leave its footprint in the music industry and in people’s  hearts.

The upcoming LP from Humble Braggers, Love & Fear, releases November 11th, and is available to pre-save here

Stream the newest track, “So Alive” on all DSPs today, and follow the band on Instagram here.

So Alive

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