Soul by Keeper


Having been brought up with music in his life, it wasn’t until Keeper was introduced to the music of Rage Against the Machine and Paramore that he even considered it as a career.
Wanting to pursue the full entertainment industry, Keeper adds, “I think nowadays, you gotta do it all.
From Acting, to music, to youtube and streaming. Once you start making headway in one, you need to start branching out into another.”
Speaking about his release ‘Soul’, Keeper shares, “Soul, for me, has two meanings. The song itself is about getting bored.
Bored of where you live, bored of the people you’re with, bored of the shop, and bored with the sky above you.
It’s a song about having a need to break out, like a Hyperpop version of Pop-Punks “I hate this town”.
How life starts off fine, but gradually the monotonous routine of it all leaves you feeling burnt out, but what’s the point of leaving? 
The chorus is someone begging to run away, but waiting for a reason, because otherwise, what’s the point.
The video is a little different.
It is about how certain larger than life news-anchors instigate and frame situations for monetary gain.
The idea is cartoonishly based of Manufactured consent by Noam Chomsky.”

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Marky (Sparky) Laird

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