Steve Andrews with Where Does all The Plastic Go

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“Where Does All The Plastic Go?” by Steve Andrews, is a song that simply had to be written.

It is a good old-fashioned protest song but the subject matter of plastic pollution is one that is creating a massive worldwide problem today, and affects everyone. 

The lyrics and story are included in Steve’s book Saving Mother Ocean, and the song has been getting media publicity around the world, with Wales, Ireland, England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Australia and the US so far.

Steve is leading the way with songs about plastic pollution, and is also hoping to inspire a “Live Aid” style concert but this time to raise awareness and funds for marine conservation.

Steve’s book and idea are endorsed by Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson.

“Where Does All The Plastic Go?” was produced by Jayce Lewis at Northstone Studios, and is included on the album Songs of the Now and Then.

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Steve Andrews

Artist BIO


Steve Andrews is a singer-songwriter, author and activist, originally from Cardiff but now based in Portugal.

He’s also known as the Bard of Ely, a title he was given by Big Issue magazine when he was a columnist for the publication. 

He’s performed at the Green Man and Glastonbury Festivals and was an MC at both events. In 2017, he was a finalist in the Best Solo Act category of the Cardiff Music Awards, and was featured on the Britain’s Got Talent TV show the same year.

He is listed as a “Famous Cardiffian,” and is well-known for wearing a bright green beard. 

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