Immense Progressive Rock Band ‘Sum of Seven’ with ‘The Enemy’

Sum Of Seven Progressive Metal Band – Finland

Band Biography

Sum of Seven is a fresh progressive metal band from Finland formed in late 2011.
It first started off as a side project between Ari, the main songwriter, and Rasmus, the drummer.
After jamming together for a while, it did not take long for them to decide to grow from a duo into a full band.
Bass player Aki Niemi joined the group in 2012, solo guitarist Harri Annala at the start of 2013 and vocalist Timo Mustonen at the end of 2013.
The band was originally named Sonus Corona.
The band is all about creating music that is inspiring.
The self-titled debut album was released in December 2015.
The album was praised by its songwriting and presents the listener with inspiring musical atmospheres ranging from heavy as hell to light as a feather.
It is a mixture of progressiveness, heaviness and melody. 
In the beginning of 2017 they released a single ”The Refuge” which set the tone of the second album with a powerful sound and a firm positive feel.
The song has curvy melodies, groovy guitars and mesmerizing vocals.
It also introduced keyboards (which were not present on the debut album) to their music.
Esa Lempinen recorded the keyboards and joined the band soon after the release of the song. 
Miika Erkkilä took over live bass duties in the spring of 2019 and became a full-time member when Aki Niemi switched from plucking the bass to taking care of the band’s graphic look.
The second album, “Time Is Not On Your Side”, was released in November 2019.
The story on the second album progresses with a deep narrative about a struggle with a fleeting sanity.
The music complements the story with powerful riffs and diverse, rich melodies.
The album received great reviews and was again praised for the ingenious songwriting. “Time Is Not On Your Side” builds up to a solid musical experience that takes the listener from depths of despair to the height of hope.
At the end of 2020 Timo decided to leave the band to focus on other aspects of his life.
After a few months of searching, Marko Loukamaa joined as the new frontman.
In the summer of 2021 The band signed a management and booking deal with the company LManagement.
With this development and the corona pandemic the band decided to change their name to Sum of Seven.
With Marko’s versatility and depth behind the mic the band sounds better than ever and is busy writing & recording new music.
The band released a new single called “Voices” in December 2021 which is a powerful package of modern progressive metal.
The music video on YouTube features the young and talented Joalin Loukamaa from the international dance/pop group Now United. United.

Sum of Seven – The Enemy (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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