The Ten:10 Podcast Ep 21 


Part Of ‘Sparky Music’

October 12th 2022

full show (pt1)

Part 2

Fellow Reviewers please follow each other on Instagram on the photos below which have clickable links to all who attended’s profiles.
Tonight’s Participants
Tim Consley - Instagram
Giadiz - Instagram
Pier Pitton - Instagram
Samuel Yirga - Insta
Steve Andrews - Insta
Sin - Instagram
Slay Mayas - Instagram
Question Beggar - Insta
ELARA - Instagram
Roccy Hill - Instagram
Patrick Shearer - Insta
Fourth Son South - Insta
Crash & The Void - Insta
Sparky - Instagram
KLJ - Instagram
Cat Laird - Instagram
Saint Sid - Instagram
The Rangers - Insta
Tony The Stone - Insta
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