– The Big Sets From Sunderland Now Living In Cornwall, UK Have Unbelievable Talent –

This Is Without A Shadow Of A Doubt One Of The Favourite Videos I Have Ever Recorded


Most People That Have Seen Them Will Tell You – The Big Sets Are The Best Band In Cornwall

The Big Sets consisting of 4 of the most talented individuals you will ever come across anywhere (all school friends from childhood)

Let me tell you how mind blowing this band is in a short bio i will write myself

I have never heard so many people say that 1 particular band is the best they have ever seen, (me being one of them) i mean its scary how good they are

I lived with cbone and his wonderful girlfriend for 18 months and during the same time i was Dr Funks cameraman and helper

Point being i saw first hand how amazing these guys are many times as trying to help cameraman

But can i just say this the guys NEVER practise together… like ever ! they just show up n smash it every time sometimes after months of playing together  and just smash it

Unmatched Potential

Band consists of these four gentleman (Upcoming Solo stars in their own right with side ventures)

CBone & Dr Funk

Smokey & Shakin Jake Landers

Here are some of the videos i made of The Big Sets 2019-2020 and 1 of them on The BBC


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