The Runaways

A Shadows Tribute Band and more!

Authentic Shadows classics, hits from the 60’s and Rock’nRoll music

The Runaways are constantly striving to produce the highest quality sound and still rehearse routinely to perfect regular numbers and learn new ones to extend their already extensive repertoire.

They also pay attention to the visual aspects of their performances and are always immaculate in their suits and are memorable for their striking bright red guitars!

Although they have worked with members of The Shadows and are renowned for the authenticity of their production of The Shadows’ numbers.

The Runaways are far more than a Shadows tribute band.

Meet The Child Hood Band Still Going Strong





Plays Lead guitar and also a Roland synth on certain numbers to create an authentic sound.

Plays rhythm guitar and vocals and also plays a Roland synth on certain numbers to create an authentic sound.

Plays drums, percussion and vocals.

Plays Bass guitar and vocals

With the vast experience and individual talents of each member and their extensive repertoire of vocal and instrumental numbers.

The Runaways produce a performance tailored to each venue and event and often receive standing ovations and unending demands for encores!

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