Co-Hosted by Guilherme Costa & Sparky

5 Metal Artists Live & Interactive

The #Ten10Metal Show Vol 1 Promo Video by #RenovateAfrica

Guest 1 – Red Ravyn

Guest 2 – Marcelo Loss

Guest 3 – Weight Of Emptiness

Guest 4 – Charles Soulz

Guest 5 – Madame Chaos

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Mark Alewine (Christian/Gospel Co-Host) - Minnesota USA
Wijnand Licht (VB) (EDM Co-Host) - Netherlands
Steve Andrews (For Change Co-Host) - Portugal
Mark Storey (Blues Co-Host) - London UK
aMaRo (Co-Host Open Mic) - Deutchland
B-Astre (For Change Co-Host) - Belgium
May Rei (EDM Co-Host) - Deutschland
Guilherme Costa (Metal & Night Of Guitars Co-Host) -Brazil
Angie M.J (Open Mic Co-Host) - Idaho USA
Brad James Swallow (Blues Co-Host) - Louisiana USA
Joey Stuckey (Music Mentor Co-Host) - Georgia USA
Craig Darroch Art (World Class Family Charcoal Artist) - Scotland
Swilly (Family Sponser/ Bands Co-Host) - Canada
Darmin De'flern (Power Balled Co-Host) - Malaysia
Katria Jael (EDM Co-Host) - New Mexico USA
Jaxon Corbett (Rap/HipHop Co-Host) Las Vegas USA
Fuse Usin (Rap/HipHop Co-Host) North Carolina USA
Eddie Bullen (Jazz/Funk&Soul Co-Host) - Toronto
Mhelyssa (Rock Co-Host) - Mexico
Peter Toussaint (Rock/Bands Co-Host) - South Africa
KLJ (Rap/Bands + Under18's Co-Host) - Cornwall
Sparky (Host All Shows) - Cornwall
Ari Lempinen (Heavy Metal Co-Host) - Finland
Cat & Charlie (Dutchess & Chairman) - Scotland
Sonja Schmidt (Family Godmother) - Deutschland
Lance Olson (Blues Co-Host) - Wisconsin USA
Stephen Williams (Open-Mic Co-Host) - Florida USA
Chrystyna Marie (Blues Co-Host) - Pennsylvania USA
Zeeter Oliver (Afrobeats Co-Host) - Nigeria
Rich Chambers (Rock Co-Host) Vancouver
Terry Finch (OpenMic Co-Host) London
Steve Johnson (Bands Co-Host) Wales
Prity Bernike (Pianists Co-Host) - Netherlands

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