‘Blue Bird Sessions’ By The Vast Oddity


 JAN 1, 2022

– The Vast Oddity Blue Bird Sessions –


Once upon a time on a space rock called Earth, an amalgamated creative force emerged.

Crossing the golden bridge into the Age of Aquarius, this force expanded and radiated the transmitted light further and further out in form of ethereal, trippy musical creation and grounded good vibration.

This force, otherwise known as The Vast Oddity, advocates complete authenticity and PLAY. With their DIY approach, they grab the creative control by the reins and display complete creative freedom true to them, self-recording and -producing their music always, by utilizing the production skills of one half of the band’s parallel persona, Dr R Frankenshtein.

Not only is the duo independently recorded, but also independently distributed, and in control of creating their own artwork and visuals to keep their essence throughout in the world they are creating.

Vagabonding around South Africa, from venue to backpacker, coastlines to hills, surf shop jams and starry bonfires to spots resembling gypsy caravans, the trippy duo share their musical art and energies with many unique and wonderfully quirky individuals.

Having released a 7 track album, Liquid Sun, and several singles, The Vast Oddity look forward to recording many more songs both heard at shows AND never heard before, in the near future.

Reaching an audience all over the world, the duo gladly share their music through many online avenues, having graced many international indie radio stations, trippy out-the-box podcasts, spacey playlists, wonderful write ups and psychedelic videos.

The Vast Oddity choose to write and compose with limitless freedom and authentic expressive flow, to share otherworldly perspectives and high vibrations with all who choose to listen and find resonance.

Trying to pin a genre on it is no simple task as labelling implies limitation, but picture the mixture of psychedelic rock, world influences, experimentation, space-rock, surf and underwater tones, and shamanic trancey rhythms.

Art is meant for sharing, and the art of TVO is made for beautiful, psychedelic expansion and joy-bringing.

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