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Crash World

An Alt-Country, Folk, Rock, Jazz & Blues Duo From Vancouver, BC Canada
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Crash World – The Good Life (Deluxe Lyric Video)

Band Bio:

A love letter to the past and an ode to tomorrow.
“Crash World exists in the yellow glow of Edison bulbs, leather couches and dark hardwood.” – Pitch Perfect (Chicago) Vancouver’s truly dynamic duo Crash World are a sonic tapestry of two voices and six strings by the accomplished and harmonious Glen MacLeod and Graham MacDonald.
Their distinctive sounds fuse the poetic whimsy of the ‘60s and the alluring boldness of the ’70s with a refreshing contemporary flare.
Crash World sends a nostalgic message in a bottle for music lovers.
The band was built on an affinity for infusing ragged beauty into song writing and an uncompromising musicality.
They are inspired by stripping their music to its most vulnerable state as both artists have been primarily immersed in bands with massive repertoires that cross diverse genres.
On June 3rd, Crash World released, “So The Story Goes” an immersive full-length album which showcases their multifaceted talent.
Their work is wildly sincere, endlessly captivating and refreshingly accessible to all.
A stunningly beautiful music video for the 4th single “Lucky One” was premiered in May.
Deluxe Lyric Videos for singles and album tracks continue to be released.
Crash World returned to the stage in June and will be performing regularly where they’ll share “So The Story Goes” and more! See you soon music lovers!
Crash World – Radio (Official Music Video)
Crash World – Millionaire (Official Music Video)
Crash World – Black Swan
Crash World – Captains Of Industry
Crash World – R ‘n’ R Queen A.D. 
Crash World – Tail Lights Fade
Crash World – Lucky One
Crash World – Before & After
Crash World – Leaving Behind
Crash World – Third Time’s The Charm
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