The Very Best Of ‘Fourth Son South’ To Date – 30th Sep 2022

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Fourth Son South

An Unbelievable Dutch Born – South African Rock Band
playing now is
Fourth Son South – Tomorrow’s Better featuring Melissa Osborne

Song Bio

Peter Toussaint shares that “Tomorrow’s Better is about the confusing life that one can find yourself in.
What are the values that you should cherish? And again, if you’re not there yet today, tomorrow is a new day with new light.
As soon as I wrote the song Tomorrow’s Better, I knew that there should be a male and a female vocalist, responding to each other.
Our drummer Carel also plays in a band called Thinking Feet where Melissa does the lead vocals.
She’s got an amazing voice and I knew I wanted to do this song with her.
Thankfully, she also liked the song and came to the studio to sing her parts.
She is such a great person to work with and I’m very glad I asked her.”

Fourth Son South Bio

Peter Toussaint shares that “The songs on Machine are about life and hope.
Life has been hard during the past two years, but there is always a silver lining that we can focus on.
The songs Hold On and Power to the People were written earlier in 2021, and the other three songs in September.
I wrote all songs and recorded most of the instrument and vocal tracks in my home studio.
The drums for Hold On were recorded earlier in the year at Wagon Wheel Records in Pretoria, the other drum tracks were recorded at Content Link studio, also in Pretoria.”

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