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Jacob George Band

A Singer/Songwriter From Miami, Florida USA
playing now is

Jacob George Band – Mama’s Girl (Unplugged)

Based Out Of Miami, FL The Jacob George Band Sounds Like, According To Grammy Award Winner Bonnie Hayes, “Real Rock And Roll.” IndieU.Com Raves, “Throw Away Your Auto-Tuners And Drum Machines, Jacob George Is All About Organic Sound
Drawing Inspiration From The Likes Of Neil Young And Jack White, Jacob George Layers Gritty Rock Vocals Atop Rugged Folk Acoustics.”
Jacob's 1st Ten:10 Podcast Appearance
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Jacob George – Bianca (Live)
Jacob George Band – Up (Live at The Cleat)
Jacob's 2nd Ten:10 Podcast Appearance
Cold Machine –  Jacob George Band
Jacob George Band – Mama’s Girl (Unplugged)
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