The Very Best Of Marianne Vedder To Date – 29th Sep 2022

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Marianne Vedder  aka Cozmicsoulfire

A Juicy-Rock-Pop & Dance Artist/Producer With A Twist – Netherlands
playing now is

You gotta be real – Cozmicsoulfire

Marianne Vedder Bio:

 Marianne Vedder: 
Producer & Songwriter associated with Artist Pro organisation 
BUMA/Stemra & SENA in the Netherlands
Label : CSFdeepinnerMusic 
Artist/Producer&Songwriter is making catchy rocking tasty,juicy rock /pop and dance crossover 
with a bite: you can sing along with and dance 2!
When writing music and lyrics Cozmicsoulfire tries to stays true to herself and her experiences in life.
She is a soulful and confessional storywriter.
As an artist she has traversed several genres from pop/rock & dance at WE2Are1 and One Man Guerrilla.
Her compilation album of these two albums, merged into the best of “The dance and The Love”, 
has been re-released on all major portals in 2019 
and to rock & metal on her lastest album “So Gorgeous”…she has pioneered in her art.
What Cozmicsoulfire creates is an original approach on catchy power rock/popfusion with dance, hiphop and metal.
All with a filmic way of story telling and a poetic scenery touch…
belting out ferociously. 
Near to writing perfect tunes, great guitar productions with passionate melodies,
while distorted power chords ring out beautiful and unusual compositions, 
good rhythm, terrific guitar and magnificent vocals.
Also sound and arrangement are very well-kept on a long and beautiful musical journey…

Influenced by Ann & Nancy Wilson and the band Heart, Kate Bush, Patti Smith, Carole King,
Melissa Etheridge, Linda Perry & 4 Non Blondes,
Pink, Opeth, Massive Attack and Apocalyptica,
as well as pop singers & producers like Michael Jackson, Nile Rodgers and Abba.

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