– The Weegie Warriors – Flower Of Scotland –


 JAN 1, 2022

– The Weegie Warriors – Flower Of Scotland –

In 2009 a skinny, ginger guy had an idea… what if I record a version of ‘Flower of Scotland’ unlike anything this country has ever heard?  But, wait, I need singers, musicians, photographers, videographers, producers and I don’t have a clue about any of that.  Ah well, it was a good idea.

June 2021: The same ginger man, albeit slightly fatter, lay in bed one night and realized something: “I know enough people to record this.  I want to raise money for a mental health charity and to honour my family.  Let’s do this; let’s create ‘The Weegie Warriors’!!”  After two months of rehearsals and recordings, the song was released, the fundraising target was smashed, and the project was finished.  The ‘one and done’ Weegie Warriors dream has ended… or so I thought.

After gaining traction within the entertainment industry, several fans and performers began expecting more.  However, I’ve seen so many bands fail in my lifetime that I decided to re-think what the term “band” should be; especially for The Weegie Warriors.  This wasn’t a band but more a collaboration of talented, likeminded people to achieve a common goal.  That’s what made this project so unique and what will continue to make it different from the rest as we won’t have a set “band”.  ‘Flower of Scotland’ was meant to be a ‘one hit wonder’ for The Weegie Warriors; so, let’s give every song the same treatment.  Everyone with a passion for music is welcome in any capacity; no matter how big or small, and our goal will always be the same: music first, money second.

The Weegie Warriors will give you every opportunity to succeed in the industry, with many connections being made as we go along, but if you’re only in this for the money and fame, then this isn’t the place for you.  If you care about music, helping others and having fun while doing so, then this is right up your alley.

We are ‘The Weegie Warriors’, and we’re coming for you.

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