Tony Kastaneda / MadOhm – The Dream Is Over Now

MadOhm – The Dream Is Over Now

Tony Kastaneda (MadOhm)

Influenced by the likes of icons of the industry, such as David Bowie and Thom Yorke, Tony Kastaneda’s MadOhm project stands out as a stirring and timeless blend of rhythms and sounds, spanning vibrant and varied genres. Having recently released a new single and music video titled “Boy, You Better Run”, the eclectic artist is setting his eyes on the road ahead, while staying true to his authenticity and passion for captivating listeners with original, thoughtful music.


A stunning and captivating studio project, MadOhm is the brainchild of talented singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Tony Kastaneda. A stirring force in the world of music, the budding artist hails from Los Angeles, California, and has had experience working with veteran musical engineers and co-producers Rob Hill, credited as a genius producer on Deftones and Cypress Hill, among others, and Ciaran O’Shea, who has worked with icons like Chester Bennington, Bush, Cyclefy and others.

Taking inspirations from musical icons such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Prince, Thom Yorke, Depeche Mode, and Siouxsie & the Banshees, among others, Tony Kastaneda’s MadOhm has continually grown with his talents. In 2019, MadOhm received global attention when the single “The Wish” was included in the final scene of the film “Awake”, starring A-List actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Following the tragic death of his son and best friend Nico who lost his 1-year battle with cancer on January 15th , 2020, Tony Kastaneda began life’s new chapter, writing feverishly as part of his grieving process. Penning down a sensory song for Nico titled “The Dream is Over Now”, in early March 2020, the budding artist flew to Berlin to record his composition with his longtime friend and collaborator Ciaran O’Shea. This was followed by the song MadOhm – The Dream Is Over Now, the lyrics of which he wrote himself along with a directed music video, complemented by his friend Joshua Atlas in Stockholm, Sweden where his son lived for many years.

With the hope is that the song and music video of “The Dream Is Over Now”, help console and comfort others who have lost loved ones, the artist immortalizes his son Nico, forever. The single was also shared by Tony’s beloved friend and artist, Frances Bean Cobain, grabbing the attention of fans and music publication MetalHeadZone. In early 2021, the music video for “The Dream is Over Now” also managed to bag a winning award in the International Songwriting Competition.

With plenty of new MadOhm music in the works along with an Alternative Rock side project with friend/ collaborator Ciaran O’Shea in Berlin, Tony Kastaneda aims to work towards his goal of having original music in films and tv shows. Having featured his single “The Wish” in the final scene of the film “Awake” really fascinated the growing artist in the seamless way musical compositions helped complement and complete the climatic moments of the cinematography. Owing to this amazement, Tony Kastaneda hopes to release more stirring compositions from the MadOhm platform for listeners

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