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Lets have a run down of this weeks TTP Spotify Charts numbers 20-16

No 20

The Easy Way Out by Kayka

No 19

Revolution Live by The Dawn Of Lions 

No 18

Blood by Leah Karis / Jack Jordan

No 17

Sunset City by Coastal Tang

No 16

Safe and Sound by King Fabbs
Now lets see this weeks TTP Spotify Charts numbers 15-11

No 15

Heart Of Joy by Half A Date

No 14

Time To Wake Up by Adams Traktor

No 13

Night In Blue by Jean Danio

No 12

The Chase by David Pastorius

No 11

Glasgow’s Burning by The Decadent Movement
This weeks TTP Spotify Top 20 Charts numbers 10-6 are as follows

No 10

Monkey Mind by The Vast Oddity

No 9

Kevin’s Window by Luna Collins

No 8

Without You by Elia Berthoud / VASSY

No 7

I’d Rather Be Dying In A Fairytale by ya

No 6

Dreaming by Pau Viguer Trio
Now Finally this weeks TTP Spotify Top 20 charts number’s 5-2 are

No 5

Our Father by J Maddix

No 4

Roadrunner by Dr Funk

No 3

Light Speed by B’ZURKK

No 2

Champion by Harmini

This Weeks Number 1 In The Top Talent Top 20  Weekly Spotifys Charts Is !!

No 1

Coming Home by Ayency

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